You've greened your company. 你綠化你的公司。 You're doing good things for the planet while producing a superior product or service. 你做的好事,而對地球產生了卓越的產品或服務。 That's great! 這是偉大的!



But do your customers know? 但是,您的客戶知道嗎?

If you're ready to spread the word, but marketing's not your specialty, you're going to need help.如果你已經準備傳播這個詞,但市場不是你的專長,你會需要幫助。

With 10+ years of marketing experience, the talented professionals at EnerGreen Limited will broadcast your environmental efforts to the world.擁有 10年以上的營銷經驗,人才在活綠行銷將播出您的環保努力走向世界。 People who care about the planet will sit up and take notice.人們誰關心地球將坐起來,並採取通知。 With your green image, you'll attract new customers and please your existing ones.有了您的綠色形象,你會吸引新的客戶,請您現有的。 (But don't ask us to greenwash you; we've got to live with ourselves.) (但不要問我們漂綠你,我們已經做不到了自己。)

Marketing Services 行銷服務

EnerGreen Limited  offers a variety of marketing services, customized to any size of business.活綠形銷提供各種營銷服務,定制任何規模的企業。 Give us a call today!今天給我們打電話!

Branding 品牌

  • Identify your unique selling proposition識別您的獨特的銷售主張
  • Name your brand or products您的品牌或產品名稱
  • Design your logo您的徽標設計
  • Build your brand identity and recognition建立你的品牌標識和識別
  • Create a style guide for your company創建一個樣式為您的公司指南

MarComm MarComm

  • Develop marketing collateral發展市場抵押品
  • Write marketing copy寫營銷文案
  • Create sales tools創建銷售工具
  • Design and lay out brochures, sales sheets, business cards, and more小冊子的設計和佈局,銷售表,名片等
  • Prepare for printing準備打印
  • Negotiate with printer協商與打印機
  • Ghost writing for magazines, professional publications, client communications, or web鬼寫雜誌,專業刊物,客戶通信,或網頁

Web 網站

  • Web design網頁設計
  • Web copy網頁副本
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)搜索引擎優化(SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)搜索引擎營銷(SEM)
  • Social network marketing社會網絡營銷

Email:   電子郵箱:

Phone: 0980 326901電話:0980 326901

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